Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blogs are Why I Don't Need to Write Book Reviews So Often

by Ken Houghton

Felix Salmon posts a capsule description of Freakonomics:
[I]t's a largely substance-free hagiography of a highly respected Chicago economist, padded out with vast amounts of unreadable data, and liberally sprinkled with disingenuous and hidden agendas.

So instead of the hundreds of words I would have had to write, I can write four: What Felix Salmon Said.

For his full-length piece, see here.

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It's an excellent review, but he makes a point of this: 'Let's put to one side the fact that 'infinitessimally smaller' actually means 'of roughly the same size'."

How about we first put aside that it's "infinitesimally"?
Why did it take so long for this fact (the Levitt hagiography) to emerge? When my small-town book group read Freakonomics recently, that was one of our first collective responses. An interesting, thought-provoking book, but ohmygod, what a puff piece!
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