Monday, August 13, 2007

This is What They Mean by "Thin Client"

by Ken Houghton

I go onto the web to find a restaurant (whose name I have forgotten) for dinner tonight for Tom, Suzanne, Shira, and me. As with many NYC restaurants, it accepts online reservations.

After clicking submit—but well before the window completes posting the data (I think)—I remember that I cannot check my (home) e-mail to verify that everything is fine. I close the window in haste and pick up the telephone.

Ken: "Hi. I, er, started to, uh, make a reservation online but, well, I, uh, don't know...."
Gracious Hostess: "You're not certain you made a reservation online. What's your name?"
Ken: "Houghton"
GH (perkily): "It's right here."

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