Thursday, August 02, 2007


by Tom Bozzo

1. Nicholas Beaudrot (of), at Ezra Klein's:
[N]number of Republicans voting for the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act: TWO (Chris Shays (R-CT) and Don Young (R-AK)).
I certainly wouldn't have expected all Republican Congresswomen to vote for the bill, but you have to believe that at least some of them had experienced gender bias in their lives... Or, at the very least, that they would fear organized opposition from even the moderate women's groups that support the bill. Or if not women's groups, maybe AARP... Does the Republican party really think it is a good idea to turn "equal pay for equal work" into a partisan issue and come out against it? Have their party strategists simply lost their minds?
That's building a bridge to the 19th Century for you. As to the second question — well, duh!

2. Mithras is very shrill:
There are thousands of bridges in this country that are substandard and in need of repair or replacement. But the funds needed to do so are not available because rightwing politicians would rather watch our interstates collapse than raise the necessary tax revenue. Republicans don't do infrastructure anymore - especially when fixing that infrastructure would involve high-paying jobs for working people.

Officials say "here's no indication of a nexus to terrorism." No? I thought terrorism was the killing of civilians for political ends.
Just remember, future George Mason U. econ faculty members, there is an optimal level of negligence!

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