Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Recognize These Words, Just Not in This Order

by Tom Bozzo

Spotted in the lunchroom freezer: Kangaroo [brand] Santa Fe Omelet Pita.

Apparently putting the omelet in the pita makes it easier to eat on the move. Why anyone would want to do such a thing is a mystery best left unexplored.


For a moment I wondered if you were one of my new officemates. Then I realized that we don't employ any economists and the office is certainly not in Madison.
Welcome, Abi.

It's interesting to see in your review that the omelet pita is actually OK, at least as frozen foods go. (The name remains totally incongruous.) The foodie credentials of my office's frozen food eaters are such that my expectations would not have been high.
Kangaroo has an entire line of pita-pocket items and kangaroo pouches are much like pockets.

How do you like being an economist? My fiance began a PhD program on Monday, so I'm a bit curious about post-college life. I guess the question should be 'Does your wife like you being an economist?' Also, did you meet before, during, or after UMD? I know, these are personal questions, but I'm curious about this life-as-economist bit.
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