Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Best Worst Time You'll Ever Have

by Tom Bozzo

My good buddy Drek has advice for new graduate students (and a refresher course for the not-so-new) which is about a thousand times more useful than Drek's characteristically self-deprecating post title suggests. I'd written some of this to a correspondent just last week, so Drek has saved me a lot of cutting, pasting, and expanding had I any inclination to have shared my "wisdom" more broadly.

Anyway, the frosh should heed #1-3 especially. The rest of y'all might be advised that failure to heed #6 and #9 led to the most pointless washout from graduate school I'd witnessed. [*] And all should make note of #20-21 but not #22.

[*] That is, the person in question both wanted to finish and was intellectually capable of doing so. But never fear, by some standards the person in question failed upwards.

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Hmm, wonder who that was? ;-) I'd have to say I fall into #13, except the part about dragging others down.
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