Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hearts and F***ing Minds

by Tom Bozzo

A wire service article on the front page of today's Wisconsin State Journal bears the headline, "Military has non-lethal gun it could use to pacify Iraqis." [*] The "gun" in question is the Active Denial System, a directed-energy weapon.

Lest you get too hopeful, what the device does is heat the skin with bursts of electromagnetic energy, "causing a feeling similar to being on fire," according to a handy graphic accompanying the story.

Because nothing says "pacification" like the sensation of being burned alive!

A colleague chuckling mordantly over the article in the lunchroom suggested that the military might get better pacification results using the Mobile Cannabis Fogger.

[*] For those of you who don't click through, that's apparently a local concoction; the headline at the link is "Pentagon nixes ray gun weapon."

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