Friday, November 09, 2007

Fafblog: The Blogiverse's Library of Babel?!

by Tom Bozzo

Unproven hypothesis: Anything that could be blogged about, has been blogged about in the Fafblog, which still is relevant from beyond the blog grave.

From Saturday, Feb. 5, 2004: FAFBLOG ECONOMY WATCH: the weak dollar:
...I like the Economist because it covers a wide variety of topics and makes them easily approachable. Take this article for instance, it has a picture of a really fat man with an american dollar sign on him. This shows me that Americans are fat, and that their currency is fat, too. Thank you Economist!

"But Fafnir I want specifics," you say. "How fat is the dollar? And is a weak dollar really good?" Thats a very good question! The short answer is "I dunno." The longer answer is "I really do not know." The really long answer is "Iiiiiiiiii doooooooooooonnnn't knnnnnooooooow."


You should always try to check to see just how weak your dollars are. To do this try to always keep a euro and a yen on you at all times so you can pull them out and compare them. Take a good look. Do the euro and the yen look bigger than they did before? Are their presidents and buildings appearing to intimidate the presidents and buildings on your dollar? If so your dollar has become weaker and will probably be reluctant to buy large objects such as cars and doctors and fancy hats. Do not pressure your dollar, just let it settle for smaller stuff like bubble gum and domestic whiskey...
Truly a Priceless National Treasure. And quoting large chunks of text with a literary reference thrown in makes for very efficient blogging!!


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