Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Meanwhile in Happy Real Estate News

by Tom Bozzo

I've heard that a third major condo project in the city has bitten the dust — the residential component of the Heights at Hilldale. Apparently the building, originally to have had three floors of office space and 8-9 of condominiums, will scale back to five stories of offices. Purchasers of certain views at the neighboring — and still quite empty — Weston Place condo may be pleased. If confirmed, the Heights condos would join the Centric Metro Lofts, also part of the Hilldale redevelopment at one point (to be an upscale hotel) and a building in the Capitol West development (ditto) in Big Shitpile oblivion [*].

This is something of a shame, since the University-Midvale corner is shaping up as a good walkable area with solid bike and transit connections to campus and downtown Madison. But there are enough potential infill sites in the vicinity to make up for it later as market conditions permit.

[*] I don't count the Camp Randall-area Fieldhouse Station proposal, since intense opposition from the neighborhoods and their Alderoids gave the project zero chance of approval.

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