Saturday, December 15, 2007

Minimal Original Content! (Quotes of the Day)

by Tom Bozzo

1. Molly I. at Whiskey Fire, while filleting inside-the-Beltway media pricks:
Gore looks at America and sees the ugly stepsisters in charge, with their greed, selfishness, and shortsightedness, and indeed, who can blame him [for not running for president]? They do seem to rule the roost these days. Like many others, I have referred to Gore as "my president"--every day, the contrast between his decent concern for genuine issues and the criminal cabal determined to bring down not only America, but the planet, is more striking.
2. Maynard at Creative Destruction:
[I]f you believe Romney believes that Jesus and Satan are brothers, then he must be a crazy cultist, because the truth of course is that Satan is a fallen angel while Jesus is the son of God and a virgin girl. How about if I call you all crazy cultists because you believe in angels and devils and pregnant virgins? How about if I say I don't care if you're a crazy cultist one way or the other - just know something about war and taxes and health care and global warming, and you've got my vote.
3. Jon Swift, after reminding me why I can only be thankful that Peter Angelos and Bud Selig beat the love of the game out of me years ago:
There is already a word for people like the baseball players who refuse to take steroids, people who would rather play by the rules than win, people who are so afraid of what journalists might say about them that they aren't willing to take any risks. They are called Democrats.

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