Thursday, February 21, 2008

'Essentially Honorable'

by Tom Bozzo

So says one of McCain's Arizona buddies about the guy. Our neighbor the 91-year-old, Obama-supporting, retired political science professor — he does drive a Prius, admittedly — described McCain as a "good man" at a recent dinner. After some interrogation, I determined that McCain was getting credit from having spent his time as a POW getting tortured and all.

Now, with the latest revelations, we have (among other things):
I ask only that this game be played under Clinton Rules. And please, oh please, let some DC pap have snapped a picture of Iseman and McCain together. I'd be dying to see the expression of regret on his face.

Added: See analysis from Josh Marshall.


I was inclined to give him a pass on Keating (flimsiest of the five), but after Cindy McCain said she "trusts" the man who cheated on his first wife with her, it might as well be sex that takes him down.
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