Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Day Rising?

by Tom Bozzo

Election morning here is kicking off with signs that there is a powerful light source in the sky, so I imagine preparations for a high turnout won't be in vain. A few well-bundled peds have already made their way to the polling place, where Suzanne will be manning the kids' preschool's bake sale table shortly.

Over here in the 66th ward [warning: large PDF map], the second most interesting question is whether John McCain will outpoll the Democrats who've dropped out of the race. (Results for Dane County will be posted here.) In '04, like Dane County, we broke narrowly for Kerry — 341 votes to 309 for Edwards — and even Dean (270) and Kucinich (123) considerably outpolled George W. Bush, who picked up 56 votes amid light turnout for the uncontested Republican contest. And we aren't the most liberal ward in the city by a long shot.

Polling of the race suggests that Obama will roll up a double-digit margin over HRC, and that's
consistent both with the chatter over snow-shoveling and the open primary format.

Added: Suzanne was voter #225 just after 9 A.M., so turnout is brisk but the short ballot is keeping the line short.

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