Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Theoretically Still Here

by Tom Bozzo

Of my New Year's resolutions, the Frequent and Timely Blogging one hasn't been going so well. Sad to say, my blogging time has been squeezed on both ends of the day by the Three Horsemen of the Blogocalypse: work, bedtime, and kids — not necessarily in that order. Also, iPhoto (v5) on the G5 decided to crash on launch just before the holidays, making even pictures of the kids difficult to post. A partial photo library transplant solved the problem enough to allow me to resist the call of a new computer for another few months.

Anyway, since some of you actually do come for the pictures (and aren't Flickr pals), a variety from the last few weeks is after the jump.

Regular readers will be shocked to know that John got a fair amount of LEGO for Christmas, and I got a fair amount more at after-Christmas sales. Were I to forget who's the main audience for the toy, John's eagerness to build has actually managed to test my limits. Still, the Diabolical Plan (make your hobby into your kid's obsession) is on track:

Diabolical Plan #1Diabolical Plan #2
Diabolical Plan #3Diabolical Plan #4

Julia, meanwhile, has added some girlier pursuits to the keep-up-with-big-brother repertoire. Here, she entertains while guarding the container-full of ponies that will gallop out if Obama does really well in today's voting:
Tea Party Time

...and, for Xtin, she gets in on the foot-blinging action:
Bling those feet!

...and at the Brandywine River Museum, she warily eyes a critter that's fortunately made out of plant material:Skunk!

...from the same outing, for Dr. Hypercube, here's "Boy With Hawk" by Charles Parks.
Boy With Hawk

So what have I been doing? In part, I've been working on the railroad (after a fashion). I know that Madison-Chicago train service wouldn't quite be at the standard of the BNSF's business cars, but it would be swell all the same.

...about as much of the car as I could get without being hit by the trucks buzzing around the yard:
William B. Strong

...yours truly, with colleague, onboard:
The only way to go

...out the back window of the William B. Strong, passing a double-stack train in the dark:
On the rails

That's all for now!

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They are getting so big! Glad all is well!
Those are some legos. And happy people.
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