Friday, March 07, 2008


by Ken Houghton

I was going to get around to discussing Samantha Power as one of Obama's advisors, in the tradition of Cass Sunstein.

Now I don't have to.

Tom Adds: Observing expert witnessing action, I've seen very smart academics who aren't very good witnesses because they have difficulty restraining some tendencies that tend to serve them well in their day-jobs but that may backfire in some situations. Among those are entertaining any hypothetical, thinking aloud, and failing to tailor their presentations for the audience.

Power's situation was actually simpler in that she plain forgot that she was talking to a reporter and not someone to whom she could safely vent frustration. This being the big leagues, that's a pretty basic error — especially for someone whose HKS faculty page solicits media inquiries. A corollary of Henry Farrell's post is that the advice of very smart people who might occasionally shoot their mouths off is not exactly a scarce resource for upper-tier Democratic politicians.

So, at least until HRC is revealed to be Kodos in a human costume, Power and the Obama campaign did the right thing in parting ways.

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After numerous nights and days running on pure adrenalin compounded by illogical attacks from HRC, Ms. Powers self-editing equipment was understandably on the fritz. I can't blame her for stating openly what we already know. Frankly, I appreciate her honesty.
I would agree that it's emblematic of the general lack of justice in the world that the Clinton proxies aren't similarly punished for their offenses against reason, and for that matter that HRC hasn't (yet) been punished for them in an election. (The Kossacks do, after all, work for the Czar.)
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