Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Real Investigation?

by Ken Houghton

One of the points that kept suspicions high was that "Client #9" was named, but Clients 1-8 and 10 (including, it is strongly rumored, a prominent New York area judge) remained anonymous.

In short, it was (and is) difficult to believe that the most prominent name involved was Eliot Effing Spitzer.

But Client #6 has been revealed, and he's none other than Price William's godfather, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor. (Can you tell he's English?) And "Kristen" is much nicer about Spitzer than this:
Prostitute Zana Brazdek, then 26, described the 56-year-old Grosvenor as dull and demanding.

"I thought his conversation was quite boring," the Lithuanian woman told the newspaper. "He talked about the Army, going to Afghanistan and bin Laden. And he wanted unprotected sex. I refused."

Married, with four children.

Two down, eight to go.

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