Monday, March 31, 2008

What to do about Expelled

by Ken Houghton

Not what I promised (that will be post midterm), but instead a quick idea.

There is much discussion (most of the best at Pharyngula) about Expelled, the Creation Science Intelligent Design Biblically-Inaccurate film about the origins of life or somesuch.

And Wisconsin is at the center of it (h/t this comment at Pharyngula).

I have an easy solution.
  1. Go to where the film is playing.
  2. Take photographs of everyone who buys a ticket.
  3. Post same on the Internet.

Now, this is no law-breaking: if the people really believe they are doing nothing wrong, they should have no problem having their photos taken and posted. (Indeed, they should mention it proudly to their friends, keeping bloggers from having to do things such as this.*)

And if they have a problem, well, shame is a tactic that has been tried in similar circumstances before.

*Fewer cat pictures on the Internet would be A Good Thing. Are you listening, Scott on Fridays?

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I think people following this "advice" should be prepared for subjects to be irrationally annoyed at the picture-taking.

Also, I think you are free not to click on the cat-blogging posts in your feed-reader.
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