Thursday, September 06, 2007

In Steve Jobs's Base, Guessin His Product Announcements

by Tom Bozzo

March 6, 2007, at this humble blog:
There's no good reason [*] why the Civ IV game engine couldn't run well (with functional graphics) on the iPhone-minus-the-phone that will presumably be the next-generation iPod.
Note to Apple lawyers: this prognostication was powered by pure logic — which is to say, the totally obvious conclusions that Apple would rip off its own industrial design efforts on the iPhone for a high-end iPod that, unlike Microsoft, Apple wouldn't cripple a Wi-Fi iPod.

Anyway, I really couldn't have asked for more, except of course for pocket Civ IV.

[*] Other than the resource-hogging graphics, of course.


Wow. SOOOOOO cool. I'm waiting for second gen, though. I bought a first gen original iPod and though there was much that was Insanely Great about it, the revved versions were Insanely Greater. I learned my early adopter lesson.
I hear you, though when we were DINKs back in '01, I totally failed to resist the first generation Titanium PowerBook. (Despite some noteworthy shortcomings relative to later models, it is still ticking away in our basement at age 2000 in computer years.)

On the plus side for the iPod Touch, it should have benefited from some fixes for the iPhone 1.0 -- so in a way, it may be more like a version 1.1 or 1.2 product. It would be nice to have 802.11n networking (too power-hungry?) and more storage (too expensive for now, based on the prices of 32GB flash drives for laptops), both of which undoubtedly will be addressed in future product revisions.
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