Saturday, October 30, 2004

In Which I Am Surveyed for the Reuters/Zogby Poll

by Tom Bozzo

Given the incessant polling, it wasn't unlikely that one of the major polls' random digit dialers would reach us. In this case, I resisted the urge not to pick up on the "Unknown Caller" per Caller ID.

The 3-way Presidential question was ordered Bush, Kerry, and Nader (presumably rotated). Zogby was also polling the Wisconsin Senate race. Needless to say, the nods went to Kerry and Feingold, and I contributed slightly to the President's unfavorables for the personal impression, job performance, and right track/wrong track questions. The likelihood of voting question, interestingly, didn't provide response categories, so hopefully their data collectors are well trained in coding the reuslts.

There were some amusing items interspersed with the questions presumably used for the LV model and poststratification. Do I consider myself a member of the investor class? (Yes.) A NASCAR fan? (No.) Party identification? (Democratic, of course.) How liberal or conservative? (Liberal, but not super-liberal.) Hold a valid passport? (Yes.) Do I live in a large city, small city, town, etc.? (Small city, self-identified.)

I'll be looking forward to tomorrow's tracking poll readings.

(Slightly revised Saturday evening 10/30/04.)
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