Sunday, November 14, 2004

Additional Reflection on Pseudonymous Blogging

by Tom Bozzo

A reasonably good night's sleep leads me to ask, is there any reason why I consider the oeuvre of a plush toy named Fafnir Edgar Gustavus Fafnir Fafnir, or an authoritarian plush toy named Giblets worth reading aloud (to the extent giggling can be controlled) to an unconverted and occasionally eye-rolling spouse, while I level a cold gaze at pastry-themed verse elsewhere?

(As a long-delayed supplemental response to a now long-buried comment, one of the known images of Fafnir is in the Fafblog! masthead.)

One giant Starbucks city mug of half-caf Ancora D'Oro leads me to say yes. LDM's ragged meter (staggering between pentameter and, with a much-needed contraction of "wonderous", octameter) is appalling!

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