Saturday, November 06, 2004

Blue Madison

by Tom Bozzo

This was inspired by a prettier but insufficiently graduated map in this week's Isthmus.

Notes for GIS fanatics and individuals wanting to know how many muskies voted for Kerry:

1. Given the range of the Kerry vote share by ward (see legend), I didn't even bother to try a red-to-blue color gradient.
2. ArcView 3.2 produces cruddy JPEGs. Sorry!
3. The shaded area includes the parts of Lakes Mendota and Monona within the city limits. The affected wards extend into the lakes following the Census block boundaries, at least in the data files I used, which I got from the Legislature's redistricting page (and I didn't have time to extract polygons for the local bodies of water from the DNR's bigger Wisconsin hydrography file and knock the lake areas out in the time I'd allotted myself for the exercise).
4. If you want to build a floating or underwater lair, you can know where to vote -- and, more or less, where to go if you don't want to be sending an annual check to the City Assessor.
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