Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day 2004

by Tom Bozzo

Early indications are for a high turnout in Madison -- over 52,000, or 30 percent of RVs, before 11 AM, according to the Capital Times. This is well ahead of the 2000 pace. The city clerk's office speculates that turnout could reach 90%. Other things equal, this would be good for Kerry.

Our trip was uneventful. We rolled both children out the door around 9:30, hoping the morning crowds -- reported as heavy by colleagues -- would have dissipated in time for us. The line at the door was, indeed, only 3-4 deep while I was there, fed by a slow but steady stream of arriving voters. Three serious-looking and silent observers were sitting behind the table with the voter rolls, one sporting a button that registered as belonging to a Democratic observer group. Not sure about the other two. Poll workers were abundant.

I deposited ballot number 433. Just under 1300 ballots were cast in Ward 66 in 2000, so just over a third of that total had shown up by 9:45. Adding early votes, we'd look to be on track for a considerably higher turnout this year.
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