Thursday, November 04, 2004

More Election Returns: The Near West Side is Deep Blue After All

by Tom Bozzo

The Dane County Clerk's office has posted unofficial ward-by-ward results for the 2004 election, offering a look at (and inside) the City of Madison.

I had been somewhat surprised to see in the 2000 returns that Wards 66 and 67 -- covering our current Dudgeon-Monroe and our old Nakoma neighborhoods, respectively -- voted liberally, but not that liberally, with 63-64 percent of the vote for President going to Al Gore.

This time around, Kerry fared extremely well around here. In Ward 66, with turnout up 30 percent over 2000, Kerry attracted 83.8% of the presidential vote. Despite the increased turnout, George W. Bush actually got fewer votes than in 2000 (247 vs. 414). Bush fared little better among the Nakomans: Ward 67 went 79 percent for Kerry, and Bush lost 125 votes from 2000. Citywide, Kerry's vote share was up 7 points from Gore's 67%.

It's great to be in a happy island of liberalism! We'll have to work on the outside world.

Update: A friend sent a link to this modest proposal from the Moby Journal. Beats sending our tax dollars to the "red" states.
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