Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Anxiety Fades Enough to Return to Election Blogging

by Tom Bozzo

The rest of the family is off to bed. The race (10:33 PM CDT) remains close, with almost no surprises in the electoral college so far.

Kos reports that the MSNBC exit poll indicates turnout is flat turnout in the 18-29 group and down among my 30-44 demographic. If this turns out to be true, I'd have to deliver to my age cohort a verision of Matthew Yglesias' foul-mouthed valediction. Being (just) on the young side of the 30-44 cohort (and an economist), I expect to survive to pay for Bush's shift of the tax burden to future wage-earners, even if I may not have to serve in the neocon war to reshape the Middle East.(1)

Good local news so far: Tammy Baldwin annihilates Magnum as if he were Ron Greer. Michels concedes to Feingold.

Update 11/3/04: Josh Marshall clarifies that younger voters did turn out in larger numbers, just no more so than older ones.


(1) Since the tax "cuts" have been a pure addition to the Federal debt, they'll need to be made up with future revenues plus interest. All this would apply a fortiori to the 18-29 group.
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