Saturday, November 06, 2004

Last Market Saturday

by Tom Bozzo

Even though the indoor winter markets now run year-round, the end of the season is still a little sad, and a bit more so with signs of the Events of the Past Week around (e.g., at the Bee Charmer stand, photo chez Nina).

I tried dressing John in something red for the home game Saturday, but was informed that I picked a shade neither UW cardinal nor "U" maroon. (As John is the Madisonian son of a Minnesota alumna, the ambiguity is a propos.) He was lured to the Market with the promise of scones. I think he ended up with a cranberry scone

It must have been the mild fall to date, but the market seemed on the bountiful side for November 6. Our haul was principally fruit by weight: 10 lb. of Ida Red apples (pie will be made this weekend), another 2 lb. of Macouns, 2 lb. mixed pears from Future Fruits. As unpasteurized cheeses are no longer forbidden due to pregnancy, I picked up a chevre Provencal from Fantome (having just missed the last plain chevre -- we didn't exactly motivate early). Chevre inflation strikes me as brisk. Various veggies (parsnips, red leaf lettuce, carrots, Brussels sprouts, shallots, and garlic) induced a sore shoulder by the time we'd completed the circuit.
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