Monday, January 31, 2005

Speed Bump

by Tom Bozzo

Rumor has it that the PowerBook G5 will be in production next quarter, but apparently not too early next quarter, as Apple bumped the G4 line's specs this morning. PowerBook updates were notably missing at Macworld San Francisco.

Cool new feature: drag with two fingers on the trackpad to scroll/pan through the active window.

Remember, liberal and conservative moderate* Madison bloggers agree: Mac portables rule.

* Updated with Ann's political self-identification. Particularly as amended with a link to and excerpts from Nina's comments, I'm sympathetic to the point she makes.** I don't know Ann well, but I know more than enough from reading Althouse on a regular basis — which is probably not an activity I share with many other left bloggers — to be convinced that she's not remotely a "wingnut," as Kevin Drum unfairly labeled her. But, as Nina points out, restraint is not the hallmark of the blogosphere. And, as "Oscar" noted a while back, it is not safe to assume that one's "readers" are necessarily carefully reading one's blog. Even though they should!

** This is not to say that I agree with her characterization of the left versus right blogosphere linking approaches, which looks like induction from the relatively predictable reception given by both sides to her pro-Bush and anti-Kerry blogging.

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