Sunday, May 15, 2005


by Tom Bozzo

On this afternoon's diaper run to TRU, the place was all Star Wars, Star Wars, diapers, Diaper Genie re-fills, Star Wars, and Star Wars. As a ticket to the 1 P.M. Friday showing on the Point Cinema UltraScreen has been burning a hole in my wallet — yes, hooky will be played — I joined in the product tie-in mania by picking up the Droid Tri-Fighter. That entitled me to a bonus Mini ARC-170, which can be swooshed around the office more discreetly than the maxi ARC-170 down in the basement.

Ratio of diaper-related to Star Wars-related expenditures: 6.2. John will be out of diapers soon-ish...

Still holding out hope that the movie actually will be good (a voyage to Schaumburg for a digital screening is a given, regardless).
Great blog!!! Links to links from CM sent me to this one. My apologies if you've posted it already.
Star Wars and Diaper Genies have a lot in common these days, especially in that they receive the same input.

And, yes, it hurts a lot to speak and think that way.

signed, A Guy Who Organized Groups to see Episode 4, Leigh Brackett's The Empire Strikes Back, and even Return of the Mucking Fuppets when they were re-released at the Ziegfeld.
But the counterpoint--and a true "new hope" comes from today's NYT.
Anon. #1: Thanks! I had sent my assistant, a Star Wars nut several levels above me in the hierarchy, a link to The Darth Side, but haven't heard back whether he thinks it's funny or heretical.

Ken: As I said, hope springs eternal. I am something of a glass-half-fuller in the matter of the other prequels, in that I find them watchable as long as I do live Phantom Edits with the DVD remote.

Your second comment came in as I was writing the paragraph above -- thanks for the link. So far, the strongly negative review I'd seen was a National Review Online mention. As I wouldn't trust them for anything else, no reason to start now. Apparently, Rolling Stone also trashed it, but that's to my assistant what NRO is to me.
Ah, good. Two more positive data points (by their -1 correlation).

I downloaded Ep 2 and complained at the time that I overpaid for it. (Deleted it almost immediately.) The movie Ewan McGregor was in would have been interesting.

And, of course, the bright, happy ending for this one has potential. (As does the idea that Stoppard may have done here what Brackett did for Empire.)

The upshot is that if it's worth seeing, it's worth seeing on a large screen. Since that means I can't do it this weekend anyway, I'll have to wait for your review to decide if I'm dragging the family (at $10.75 adult, $7.00 children) to the Ziegfeld or spending slightly less for a smaller screen.
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