Saturday, May 14, 2005


by Tom Bozzo

Just below the Capital Times masthead from yesterday, there's a picture of John Kerry and Bruce Springsteen embracing at the big Madison rally in October (scroll down to October 28). Doug Moe reports:
Springsteen told the [Star Tribune] he found "a lot of idealism out there, a lot of people interested in moving his country in a different direction. I sat in front of 80,000 people in Madison, Wis., and it was probably one of the most amazing days of my musical life. There was a lot of hope ... There's a lot of thought and energy out there; it just hasn't coalesced around a focal point."

If you were one of those 80,000, you know what Springsteen is talking about. I was in the crowd and wrote later that day: "How cool was it? For once, the students were in the luxury boxes. The porches of the student housing along West Wash were packed with kids. Young, old - grandmothers bringing their grandchildren, husbands with wives, young moms with babies."


(Image via
Remember that post you had a while back about "Support XXXX" magnetic ribbons? I sort of did my own take on it.

That picture was the background of my computer at some point during the campaign. I was in Florida helping to run the field opperations.
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