Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lunchtime Notes: Oh No Not Another Car Post!

by Tom Bozzo

Vehicle driven: 2006 Audi A3 2.0T 6-speed.

In brief: The new VW/Audi 2-liter turbo four may well be be the best four cylinder engine, ever. (In addition to the A3 and A4, it will be available on the new VW Jetta, GTI, andPassat). In the front-drive A3, its power delivery is reminiscent of BMW sixes for both its strong thrust and smoothness. The engine is, in fact, so good that I can even forgive the Audi corporate schnoz, which is as well-integrated in the A3's styling as on any of its larger sibs, but still not what I'd do if I were their chief designer. The wagon-in-denial styling otherwise is attractive, like it wants to grow up to be an A4 Avant, and very practical. I liked it very nearly as much as the new 330i, not even accounting for the $10-15K price differential.
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