Friday, May 20, 2005

The Musical Baton

by Tom Bozzo

I feel like I've arrived, as this is the first meme that's been passed to mE! Alan Schussman's e-mail passing the meme from the wilds of Schussmazona mentioned some concern about using up social capital in the meme-passing process. To Alan, I say: never fear. It's Friday, and Sith day, and I've already written the Too Long and Semi-Important Post for the week. If I wasn't doing this, it would just have been a Random Ten.

Total volume of music on my computer: Per iTunes, 4.79 GB (1,044 tracks), mostly encoded as 192Kbps AAC; since I'm still in iPod population mode, it would be more but for the recent passing of my PowerBook's optical drive.

Last CD I bought: Low, The Great Destroyer and Ivy, In the Clear (purchased at the same time).

Song playing right now: Wire, "Ahead," The Ideal Copy. This is the last song that was playing (in shuffle mode) in the car right before I arrived at home and saw Alan's meme-passing e-mail.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

In no particular order,
  1. The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Happy When It Rains,” Darklands. Far and away my most played song of 2004.
  2. The Wedding Present, “Take Me,” Bizarro. A long-lost college friend once said it was impossible to listen to this song in the car without speeding, a lot, back in the 55 MPH NMSL days.
  3. Bauhaus, “Bela Lugosi's Dead.” I haven't listened to this in years, but it marked my college-era entry into the world of strange rock-n-roll. Plus, there's its star turn in The Hunger.
  4. Mitch & Mickey, “When You're Next To Me,” A Mighty Wind soundtrack. Far and away my most played song of 2003. Who'd'a thunk writing a song like this was in Eugene Levy's repertoire?
  5. New Order, “The Perfect Kiss,” Low-Life. One of their best mid-eighties dance singles, though of those I'm more likely to listen to "Bizarre Love Triangle;" and one of the few records of mine from the era that my mother actually didn't mind listening to. Back when new-wave pickings in the format were very slim, I took the CD release of Low-Life as an indication that the format had arrived.

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton: I'm sure I'll have to burn more blog-social capital than Alan for this, plus he already tagged some likely suspects. So let's try,

Oscar Madison, in case he has some post-Poland blogging down time.
Phantom Scribbler, in case the meme hasn't reached her yet. (Update: It had, see here.)
Scott at Semiquark.
Tonya, because I'm curious to know how many of the 'five important songs' will be by the Dave Matthews Band.
The Angry Sicilian, as I have no idea what the liberal youth of today listen to.
Bryan Smith, as I have no idea what the conservative youth of today listen to. (Update 2: make that almost no idea.)
and here I took you for a Jimi Hendrix fan.....
I was thinking of tapping you for this one myself, after I saw your Jam comment on one of my posts. That New Order album and Bela Lugosi's Dead are two of my all-time favorites.
Wow I haven't even heard of most of those songs/artists
Phantom: "Compact Snap" was one of the first CDs in the collection, but just a bit less of a bellwether as their label was something of an early adopter.

Tetricus: the vintage of most of that stuff is early-to-mid 80s, probably a bit before your time. If you check into them, you might find some influence projected into more recent music.
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