Tuesday, May 17, 2005

King Diesel

by Tom Bozzo

Autoweek reports that a trio of Mercedes E320 CDI sedans set diesel speed records for distances of 50,000 km, 100,000 km, and 100,000 miles. Average speed for the 100,000-mile record was 139.699 MPH. More amazingly, the fleet reportedly observed "nearly 18 MPG" in the runs. That is very approximately what my gas engine returns for loafing around town at an average speed of just over 20 MPH.

Temporary downside: the ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel required for the CDI V-6 (with particulate filter) to possibly meet 50-state emission standards won't be mandated at retail service stations in the U.S. until September 1, 2006.
I guess it is going on 40 years ago that a self educated man in my rural community had spent an entire decade researching carburetors. He had been an Officer in WW2, a man of good character, common sense, a reader and a minor civic leader in the community.He had spent hundreds of dollars (alot of money back then)and made hundreds of phone calls and had written hundreds of letters and made many trips to various libraries in the course of his research. He had been in contact with numerous federal agencies as well. He tracked down a patented carburetor that got 50+ mpg, and keep in mind the cars back then were full sized. The patent had been purchased by a small, obscure company and then buried and never manufactured. He had made a presentation on this at a rural cooperative meeting, and now you know why you get 20 mpg at $2.00+ per gallon at 20 mph loafing about town.
My driving style has something to do with it, too.
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