Monday, May 23, 2005


by Tom Bozzo

Things happen slowly here over the weekend, as regular visitors might notice. So I hadn't extracted yesterday's New York Times Magazine until just now, and was treated to the visage of the hopefully soon-to-be-former junior Senator from Pennsylvania, a.k.a Senator Man-On-Dog, trying to appear pious (for which the man's face lacks sufficient gravity).

Or, as the Times cover put it, he's "The Senator From a Place Called Faith." I hadn't heard of Leesburg, Virginia described that way before, but whatever.

I can only hope that there was some intended double-entendre to the subhead, "The coming of Rick Santorum."
Yes, between that and the article about evangelicals looking to take over the Ivy League, Sunday's Times was a big ol' vomitfest.
I had deliberately not read the article about the fundamentalists trying to colonize the Ivies to avoid ruining an otherwise nice day. (Not that I'm invested in the Ivy League, other than having a college friend who's in the administration of a member school, and wanting to make sure that the children can attend w/o bankrupting us, should they grow up to be academically qualified.)
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