Monday, June 13, 2005

Mini (Mac) Mk. 2 Imminent?

by Tom Bozzo

Over at the online Apple Store, ship dates for the basic Mac Mini configurations are now reported as 6-8 business days, versus same-day shipping for the rest of the Mac lines. That's a tell-tale sign of an imminent product update. The Mac rumor sites are silent as of this writing, though that may have something to do with Apple's efforts to stifle non-sanctioned leaks of new product information via litigation. (To whom it may concern: I have no non-public information.)

If this is the case, it's good for me. I'd basically decided to bridge the transition to Intel with a Mini plus a small HDTV (w/ DVI input) for a monitor; a little more CPU and a little more standard VRAM would sweeten the deal.

The other Mini is expected to grow a bit for a MY2007 update, too, but that's less of a secret.

Tuesday Afternoon Update: Ho-hum. I'm grateful that I don't have to read the Apple tea leaves for a living.

Saturday Update: ThinkSecret says no mini update is forthcoming, and the ship time variation is an end-of-the-financial-quarter inventory adjustment matter.
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