Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday Annotated Random Ten

by Tom Bozzo

Section 25Back To Wonder (12" Version)From The Hip
April MarchSugar (Dust Brothers Remix)
Chrominance Decoder
The Wedding PresentIt's What You Want That MattersGeorge Best
The Jasmine Minks
Playing For Keeps
Scratch The Surface
New Order
Minor Threat
In My Eyes (*)
Minor Threat: Complete Discography CD
The Jesus & Mary Chain
In A Hole
The Chills
BiteKaleidoscope World
The Pastels
Breaking Lines
Up For A Bit With The Pastels
The Mekons
Johnny MinerSo Good It Hurts

This feature is in honor of my old radio show, which pursued connections and sources for contemporary alternative rock. It's still on the air, with my former co-host Steve Klinge at the helm, and is webcast at 8 P.M. (Eastern) Tuesdays at WVUD, University of Delaware.

(*) Times Select subscription required, damnit. The Unofficial Paul Krugman Archive, sadly, is also only providing links to the articles behind the subscription wall.
Wild to stumble across another Tom Bozzo!!
Welcome to the blog, other Tom Bozzo. Amazingly, I don't think you're one of the other Tom Bozzos I'd previously known, of one way or another. I saw a mention on the band website you linked of a recent show in Madison. Do you know where they played?
Your ten is always humbling for me. I only recognize three bands this week.
Phantom, making an educated guess at whom you recognize, amazingly this time five of the other seven are available at the iTMS. (And only the Minks aren't represented at all.)
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