Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Quick Beatification Watch (F. James Sensenbrenner Edition)

by Tom Bozzo

Wisconsin's fifth Congressional district needs its own Paul Hackett.
New York Times: Storm Victims May Face Curbs On Bankruptcy: When Congress agreed this spring to tighten the bankruptcy laws and crack down on consumers who took on debt irresponsibly, no one had the victims of Hurricane Katrina in mind. [No kidding.]


But House Republicans, who fought off a proposed amendment that would have made bankruptcy filings easier for victims of natural disasters, said there was no reason to carve out a broad exemption just because of the storm.

Representative F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. of Wisconsin, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, rejected the notion of reopening the legislation, saying it already included provisions that would ensure that people left "down and out" by the storm would still be able to shed most of their debts. Lawmakers who lost the long fight over the law, he said, "ought to get over it," according to The Associated Press.

A saint among men, that F. Jim.
There is a woman on CNBC talking about how to get through emergencies. She suggests Credit Cards and HELOCs as being "cost-free."

Strangely, my bank only offered me a HELOC if I would draw down $25K immediately. And they would have to inspect the property first.

Perhaps she is an advisor to your Congressman?
i think the word you're looking for is Bryan Kennedy.
Ken: Fortunately, *I'm* in the Wisconsin 2nd, and am represented by Tammy Baldwin.

Jay: Thanks for the link. I hope the DCCC sends Bryan some love.
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