Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Perpetuation of Delusions Watch

by Tom Bozzo

It had to happen sometime. Someone arrived at this blog yesterday after searching the term "worlds smallest penises" at That led the visitor to this post on the proposed fuel economy standards for trucks and SUVs, with thanks due to the Angry Sicilian's comments. Delicious.

Speaking of which, via AutoWeek's daily news, Mercedes-Benz marketers prepare to stroke the egos of men in the demographic least in need of ego-stroking: 50 to 55 years old who are either self-employed or in high managerial positions.
The article claims that 90% of S-Class buyers fall into that group, which is such a narrow in age range that it stretches my credulity (two questions: how many of them replace their S with another one, and after how long on average?).

Sensitive souls might want a barf bag ready here:
AutoWeek: It's a Guy Thing: Mercedes to stress technology of new S-Class, target high-earning males: Mercedes- Benz doesn't think its new technology- laden S-Class will impress many women. So it won't address them in the marketing campaign for the flagship sedan...

"This is a pure male domain," said Justus Schneider, Mercedes-Benz's director of worldwide marketing communications. "We have never given serious thought to addressing women."

The S-class marketing slogan is "Be Ahead." This aims to reflect the image of the typical S-class buyer as being "farsighted and in command" and a person who recognizes technological advances ahead of others, Schneider said.
They're not that in command, though:
A globally distributed TV commercial shows an S-Class driver avoiding a crash because the car's safety features warn him.
Just what the world needs: cars that let would-be masters of the universe drive more distracted. Oh well, I suppose it's better for whomever they hit.

Almost makes me want to get a Civic. (Suzanne, you didn't read that.)
That's OK.

The Angry Sicilian is the #1 google result for "Zulu Warrior Sodomy"

You thought you had it bad.
Welcome, OSB. Great avatar!

Yes, it could be worse. See also here for a more popular search term...
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