Thursday, September 29, 2005

Must... Not... Revel!

by Tom Bozzo

Looks like my vice of the week for next week will be enjoying this waaay too much, like to the extent of sending a Golden Winger nomination e-mail to The Editors. Oh, the shoot-from-the-hip nonsense! The digging-the-hole-deeper, with added aggrievement! Icing on the cake: an "ideological view of the Court" irrevocably embraced by 22 Democrats — on Sept. 29, 2005!

The decaf was flying out of my nose at that one.
Nice to see Evan Bayh for once act the way his father did. Maybe I would consider voting for him, if the vote meant anything.
If voting against him means you're trying to lock in decisions then doesn't this mean that by voting for him you're trying to lock in the opposite decisions? You're telling me that every vote for him was for his qualifications & not his ideology? Puh-lease.
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