Monday, September 26, 2005

News Flash: Toddlers Can Be Mercurial

by Tom Bozzo

The latest on the Thomas space program is that following its abrupt cancellation after nap yesterday, after breakfast this morning Viscount John wanted to know where the Thomas spaceship was after all. He wasn't interested in hearing that we were engaged with other projects yesterday evening. Plus, he was about to send the incomplete lower fuselage of Stephen the SST (who actually will use a hypersonic lifting body design — nothing but the best for the Duke and Duchess!) to the breakers before I informed him of the magnitude of the contract cancellation charges he'd owe.

We may need to convey a lesson on the technical difficulty of putting steam locomotives into orbit while chemical rockets remain the sole available launch technology. The project may be scaled back to a heavy air transport for the peak oil era: let's call this one Zachary the Solar-Powered Zeppelin.
Are you certain John isn't just a pseudonym for GWB? First he declares loyalty to it, then he seems to forget about it, and now he declares that it is essential, even if none of the preparation has been done.

It's almost as if he has learned allegory without mimesis.
Any resemblance between toddler behavior and that of the GWB Administration is purely...
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