Thursday, September 22, 2005

Next Accomplishment: Walking and Chewing Gum at the Same Time

by Tom Bozzo

In mid-August, a big tornado killed one person and damaged or destroyed a few hundred houses in Madison's southern exurbs. Has the response reflected any post-Katrina chastening of the Bush administration's disaster handlers? Let's see...
The Capital Times: No word from Bush on twister aid here: [F]rustrated officials in Wisconsin are still awaiting word from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the White House if federal disaster relief will be coming here in the aftermath of the tornadoes that struck more than a month ago.

Gov. Jim Doyle sent a request to President Bush on Aug. 25 to have Dane, Vernon and Richland counties declared disaster areas so residents, businesses and local governments could become eligible for federal aid...

U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, has staff calling FEMA every day...

What makes the situation more frustrating is how fast a similar disaster declaration was made out West in August, before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

According to FEMA reports on its Web site, Bush declared Wright, Wyo., a disaster area on Aug. 22, 10 days after the town of 1,500 people was struck by a tornado. Two people died, 60 homes were destroyed and another 60 damaged in Wright.

Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal requested the emergency declaration Aug. 17 and got it from Bush five days later.

Doyle sent his letter to Bush a week after more than two dozen tornadoes swept through three counties, including a massive twister that struck near Stoughton. One man died, another woman's death was hastened by injuries, 67 homes were destroyed and more than 400 homes were damaged.

Getter said if no action is taken on Doyle's request within a month after the request is made, the request is disallowed. The one-month deadline is Saturday.

"They have always made a determination within two weeks," Getter said of FEMA, adding that a 'no' answer would be better than no answer.

"If it's 'no,' we can look at other methods of aid, such as getting low-interest loans from the Small Business Administration," Getter said. [Emphasis added.]

Fascinatingly, Freudenthal is a Democrat. Though he would have at least one friend in a high place.

What is it Brad DeLong keeps saying about George W. Bush these days?

Oh yeah. Impeach George W. Bush. Impeach him now.
Couldn't you have made things easier, by like winning the last election?
Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos! ;).
The executioner?

Wyoming is, of course, Dick Cheney's "home" state.
Ken: Do follow the "one friend" link. It should yield a chuckle or two, if you haven't seen it before.
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