Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dialogues of the Toddlers

by Tom Bozzo

An occasional series.

John: Daddy, what are you going to make with all those Legos?
Daddy: I don't know, how about a spaceship?
John: OK. Who's the spaceship for?
Daddy: Um... how about Kid Astro [for those of you who don't follow the links, the grade-school Ziggy Stardust from the penultimate Ralph's World album]?
John: No, not Kid Astro.
Daddy: Then how about Kid John?
John: (Insistently, almost to the point of panic) NO!! NOT for mE!
Daddy: Well, who should the spaceship be for, big guy?
John: Thomas [the Frickin' Tank Engine].
Daddy: You want me to build a Lego spaceship for Thomas?
John: Yeah.
Daddy: I'll have to think about that...

Stay tuned.
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