Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wednesday Family Extra: Fall Fashions

by Tom Bozzo

Fall is finally upon us here in Madison — a little late, actually, as we are overdue for our first frost — and I'll second Tonya's expression of affection for this shortest of Wisconsin seasons.

The fall "uniform" is far and away my favorite: Cords, flannel shirt, lambswool cardigan. Cozy! Here I am with the boy, waiting on State St. for the fire truck parade (of which, more pictures starting here).

The kids, likewise, get extra snuggly. Here's Julia, just before I got to say, "Julia Child's The Way To Cook is not food!"

For his part, John has been resisting his warmer sleepwear in favor of the All Thomas, All The Time look:

Really, the main defect of the Wisconsin fall, in my view, is that it's the short entree to a cooling trend that won't materially reverse itself for, oh, five and a half months.
Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but I love winter too. It's that cozy feel you get from curling up with a blanket and a cup of tea or wearing jeans, a sweater and wool socks. I just wish that the days weren't so short during winter.
Tonya, your season-love is all about staying indoors, away from seasonal effects; and Tom -- you're all about the clothes.
People, summer is the time of long days, walks, sunsets, evenings that go on forever. What's the matter with you? Put in a plug for summer already! It's the one season that gives us life at the end of the workday.

John and Julia are cool-looking in these photos, so I forgive you for what you say about the coolness of cool weather.
Yay! Corduroys are the best pants ever. I've succeeded in revamping my wardrobe to the point that I only ever wear cords (more specifically, Levi's 505 cords).

And winter clothes in general are superior. Cozy clothes are wonderful. All those layers. Give me layers over skin any day.
"Here's Julia, just before I got to say, 'Julia Child's The Way To Cook is not food!'"

Why not, "Julia, child, Julia Child's The Way to Cook is not food?" Confuse 'em early and confuse 'em often, that's my motto.

What does this comment have to do with fall fashions? Absolutely nothing...
Tonya: I can see where you're coming from. The cold itself doesn't bother me, and I'd be quite happy if everyone in the neighborhood actually did their sidewalk snow-removal duty. Nothing worse than pushing a stroller through slush...

Nina: There's also the winter evening pleasures of cranking up the fireplace (which high gas prices won't deter!) and hanging out in the TV-free living room with, as the mood strikes, cups of tea or glasses of wine.

Isaac: Yes, cords rule. As I recall, Nina thinks cords rule, too, but she may not concede the point in this debate. A friend of mine from grad school used to make the point that layers can readily be added in the winter, but that you can reach the limits of what can be removed (with or without a decency constraint) and still be too hot in the summer. Though that was in the context of D.C. weather.

Kim: Good one (and as it has something to do with the picture, amply on-topic), though as this is blog vérité, I can only report what it struck me to say when she was actually trying to gnaw on TWTC.
Not to get all defensive, but Nina is wrong when she thinks that I only stay indoors in winter. I love being outside in winter and kept up my daily 90 minutes even when it was only 6 degrees outside. And nothing beats ice skating on the outdoor rinks. In fact, I think it's easier to be active outside when it's cold rather than when it's hot and humid. The summer weather makes me wilt.
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