Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Nonrandom Ten

by Tom Bozzo

While I was adding to the iTunes library last night — it's now just shy of 2,500 tracks — I came across a completely irresistible title to start an Alphabetical Ten.

Band of Susans
Elliott Abrams In HellHope Against Hope
Sex Pistols
EMINever Mind The Bollocks...
JaleEmma (iTunes Music Store link)Dreamcake
The Field Mice
Emma's House (iTMS link)
Snowball + Singles
The Bats
Empty HeadSpill The Beans EP
The Sneetches
Empty SeaSometimes That's All We Have
The Field Mice
End of the Affair (iTMS link)Snowball + Singles
The Spinanes
Entire (iTMS link)Manos
The SpinanesEpiphany (iTMS link)Manos
Bulgarian State Radio-TV Chorus
Erghen Diado
Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares

There are versions of "EMI" available on the iTMS, but not the "Bollocks" rendition; partial credit there. So this list gets a relatively low 45% iTMS Esoterica Index.
Rates quite a bit lower on the Scribbler esoterica index -- I have Bollocks (on cassette!) of course, and Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares. Otherwise I simply gape in awe at your superior musical knowledge!
So you're saying I should check to see how many of the tunes in my shuffle are on iTunes, huh? OK, hold on...

"wapmb" sounds like wampum.
OK, iTunes does not carry Prince's Chaos and Disorder and they don't have the specific album I have Aretha's "Chain of Fools" from. Otherwise, it's all there, so that's a ... what? ... 15% esoterica index?
Scrivener: That would be right. Partial credit is at your discretion... I will usually award full credit for the same version off a different album (e.g., a hits compilation).

BTW, I added the esoterica index to the meme after weeks of even Phantom, who has actually heard (or heard of) much of my "classic rock," telling me she hadn't heard of most of the contents of the shuffles. So like a good quantitative social scientist, I decided to quantify the phenomenon.

Since I'm fundamentally a music dinosaur, there are usually a few things in your lists that I haven't heard of; I'd be curious to know how the combination of genre and vintage (outside of eighties indie alternative rock) of the material affects the index.
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