Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Part 1

by Tom Bozzo

The first of our three Christmases was also the first we've had round our own tree, and it felt very grown up to be setting out the presents for the kids.


While there's no doubt that we could have bought a lot more stuff for the kids than we actually did, we nevertheless got them a Good Amount of Stuff. The question of whether the amount of stuff was optimal was quickly answered when John opened his first gift, Edward the Blue Engine, then promptly abandoned the rest of the spread so he could take Edward down to the basement to shunt some trucks. Will we learn? Probably not.

Nothing like a new crayon. Other stuff a plus.

Julia was basically along for the ride. Here, crazy-haired Daddy helps her with some unwrapping.

Meanwhile, the inter-Christmas period has given the kids plenty of time with their cousins.

Julia and cousin Sam.

Cousin Al cracks John up.

I face unforeseen competition from Frosty the Snowman.

Snow angel.

Did I mention it was 43 degrees? Woohoo! I don't think I'd been outside without a coat (for any appreciable amount of time) since mid-November.

What delightful pictures!
Happy holidays, T, S, and J&J!
(BTW, it's okay that Santa loves your kids more and jumpstarts the holiday by getting to your place so early, really it is.)
I LOVE your family photos. How sweet! Merry Christmas.
Thanks to all of you! Merry Christmas!
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