Friday, December 23, 2005

Dialogues of the Toddlers: Facts Of Life To Be Taught Edition

by Tom Bozzo

One of Julia's presents from Christmas #1 (*) was the DVD of the 1974 children's classic Free To Be You And Me, which has temporarily replaced the all-Thomas-all-the-time video programming. Though the kids and the grown-ups are fascinated by the "When We Grow Up" duet with Roberta Flack and pre-freakshow Michael Jackson for different reasons.

John tends to watch new videos in expanding chunks (and he'll turn the TV off when He's Done, increasingly to Julia's annoyance), so we'd made it to a segment where the newborn puppets, voiced by Mel Brooks and Marlo Thomas, are joined by a multicultural group of other newborn puppets for a song-and-dance number, and John said:
J: "Look, there are brown babies."

S (following directly): "Babies come in many colors."
Oy. Madison is waaay too white.

(*) An upshot of our holiday odyssey is that Santa Claus will show up no fewer than three times for our children, the first having been 12/18 as that was our opportunity to hang out in our jammies and open presents around our own tree. Pix have yet to be extracted from the camera.
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