Saturday, December 03, 2005

Raising Two Children Isn't That Much Harder Than Raising One

by Tom Bozzo

Getting a good picture of both of them in the same frame, however, is another matter entirely.

We attended my firm's holiday party this morning, and having the Adorable Offspring dressed up seemed like a good opportunity to get a picture suitable for the holiday card. The combination of shutter lag and squirmy-worminess got in the way. Here are the two best pictures:

Good one of Julia, but John would surrender neither Thomas the FTE nor the balloon dog that the magician guy made for him.

With "Santa" (the college-age boyfriend of a colleague's college-age daughter, who's been Santa two parties in a row). We're headed towards naptime, so Julia is fading. This is several feet closer to Santa than John was willing to get last year.

Note to blog pals: If you are not on our holiday card list but wish to receive a piece of postal mail with an image of our Adorable Offspring and possibly a letter describing all the fun, excitement, and really wild times we've been having (if, that is, I can think of some to write about), e-mail me with an address.
702 Lorillard Ct. 53703.
Thanks, Nina. I needed your new ZIP Code, but you should not be surprised to hear that you were already on the list :-).
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