Monday, December 26, 2005

Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of The Christmas Shopping Season

by Tom Bozzo

...which means I'll be on the prowl for cheap LEGO sets, and will also try do something about the little "problem" that John got two Henrys (the Big Green Engine) and two copies of the "Percy Saves The Day" video. If only all children had such problems. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, consider yourself the non-parent of a train-obsessed child!

Meanwhile, unless/until I snag a broadband connection somewhere, blogging will be light. You all probably weren't exactly dying to hear about our ride on the Vomit Comet (*) and our recovery to dig in to Christmas dinner.

(*) We assume that Virgin Galactic will provide its passengers with nothing but the best in motion-sickness medication.
We got THREE of the Thomas version of Chutes and Ladders. Oy.

Are you sure Julia wouldn't like her very own Henry?
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