Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday Toddler Extra: I Can't Think of a Theme, So Here Are Some Pictures of My Cute Kids Edition

by Tom Bozzo

If I were to have given John a cute pseudonym, like Corndog's Dread Pirate Toddler, Angry Pregnant Lawyer's Angry Boy, or even Prof. B.'s Pseudonymous Kid, I'd have chosen "Ming the Merciless" for his insistence on constant Daddy labor in service of the expansion of his personal space fleet. Here he is, lounging with the latest addition (clearer pictures will soon be available here for the LEGO geeks in the audience; it's loosely based upon this concept art).

Meanwhile, Julia is very much into this particular pair of mittens, and has added a convincing growl to her very rapidly growing vocabulary (even though I don't think pink mouse-like critters actually growl).
LG: "Who is that?"

PS: "That's a boy named John."

LG: "What does he have?"

PS: "Well, John has a daddy who makes very. cool. Lego spaceships."

LG: "Wow, he makes them? Is he an artist?"

Would you, sir, describe yourself as a Lego artist?
Thanks, LG (and PS)!

I am just a dad with a boy who's Lego- AND Thomas-obsessed.

(OK, a little Lego-obsessed, myself.)
Are those photon torpedoes? Very cool. I had no idea how far LEGO's weapons technology had advanced.
Corndog: In the picture, John's hand is on the nose of the ship, so the little red bits are the exhausts, not weapons.

I have so far been pulling a fast one on the Emperor(like Saddam's weapons establishment) by omitting actual weapons from the creations. There will be plenty of time to build horribly beweaponed battlecruisers when he's bigger...

(FYI Phantom: I got the captcha on the first try after typing the whole comment up to this point. I was going to try the experiment with yours, too, at 4 A.M. when I wrote it [needed some Internet solace after a baby vomit-related sleep disruption] but was foiled by a DSL hiccup.)
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