Sunday, February 05, 2006


by Tom Bozzo

Two Sundays ago at the gym, I had a chat with another patron in the locker room in which it was clear that neither one of us exactly knew whether there was any football on TV that afternoon (we were evaluating causes of a thin crowd). This week, I was aware that there was a game on, though I could not have been less invested in the outcome. I gather some team of large men won.

Three notes:
1. The only commercial that got a laugh from the males at the party we attended earlier this evening was the FedEx caveman commercial ("FedEx doesn't exist yet," says Caveman #1 to Caveman Boss), even though the cavemen-and-dinosaurs scenario could be misinterpreted by lunatics of the Young Earth Creationist variety.

2. The Rolling Stones should retire. I thought it was ironic in the post-wardrobe malfunction that the opening tune was the wholesome "Start Me Up" (iTMS link — click it if you have iTunes!). I couldn't exactly tell whether ABC bleeped "come" or if Mick Jagger just skipped it. Really, there hasn't been any further need for a Superbowl halftime show since U2's Superbowl XXXVI performance IMHO.

3. Thinking of censorship ironies, there was something on the Madison news about a local video production firm's efforts for a dot-com whose wardrobe malfunction commercial generated fake outrage last year; it took several tries to get something that passed the censors. And to think that ABC was the network of "Charlie's Angels" and "Three's Company." Well, actually, the network's own promo for some celebrity ballroom dancing show was much likelier to raise the ire of the jiggle police.
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