Friday, April 07, 2006

Welcome, Kim; A Belated Apology; A Placeholder

by Ken Houghton

All right, it's not quite, "a man, a plan, a canal, Burma Shave," but:

I want to apologize for having interpreted Tom's invitation to mean that he was out of commission, and I fear that my rant below buried an important post of Tom's on which I want to follow up later today.

Meanwhile, anyone in the Milwaukee area should be cheering Bucky's boys tomorrow night.
No need to apologize, Ken. I wasn't expecting you to be posting so prolifically, but don't object to it at all. Meanwhile, I have to get used to checking to see if there are new posts, which hitherto haven't written themselves...
I was expecting it either, but an "advantage" of working in a MSFT shop is that when you do something that Makes Sense in the Real World, it sometimes hangs the network for a while.

Now, I have to check the Source Code on some of your old posts to figure out this picture-uploading thing...
I've been using Flickr for photos (just pasting in their supplied HTML for the appropriate picture size) since discovering that I was using something like twice my quota of Web space from my ISP, which led me to suppose that the Boom might be Lowered at any time.

Anyway, Ken, post as much as you like!
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