Friday, April 07, 2006

We're just following ancient history...

by Ken Houghton

Ant Music

Intelligent Design takes another hit, as ant evolution is moved back millions of years:
A team at Harvard University who used a genetic clock to reconstruct the history of ants found the ant family first arose more than 40 million years earlier than previously thought, but did not diversify into different genera and species until flowering plants came onto the scene....

"We estimate that ant diversification took off approximately 100 million years ago, along with the rise of flowering plants, the angiosperms [that] provided ants with new habitats both in the forest canopy and in the more complex leaf litter on the forest floor, and the herbivorous insects that evolved alongside flowering plants provided food for ants."

I leave it to Drek and Slag to tell us how the Discovery Institute is spinning this one.
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