Thursday, June 08, 2006

Blogwhoring Interlude

by Ken Houghton

I really don't want to bump Kim's post from the top, but some notable things have occurred. In ascending order:

AngryBear is discussing the Postal Service,
Eric Boehlert has an important post at Crooks and Liars

and, most importantly,

Fafblog is back.

We now return to your regularly scheduled Easy Listening Music with Interludes of Optimism about Gay Marriage.
Is it still 'blogwhoring' if you're gratuitously linking other blogs? More like 'blogpimping.'

P.S., I've stayed out of that AB thread on the USPS, even though I know the answer.
And here I thought you were staying out of it because you know the answer.

Not having to see all the responses of "no, that can't be it because...": Priceless.
It's the combination of knowing the answer and being a rate case witness.

Though on the blogwhoring front, I am a little insulted that the ABs spend all that time mucking about with the NRO cretins (I'd subscribe to Kevin Harris's 'please please stop' comment) yet can't find it in themselves to blogroll this blog.
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