Friday, June 16, 2006

Cue the Angelic Choir!

by Tom Bozzo

Julia, a/k/a the girl who got all of her teeth in a grand opera of teething, slept through the night last night. So did we.

Regular blogging will resume once my brain is back in gear and my latest LEGO spaceship is completed.
You are so lucky! We get about one night every two weeks, and count sleeping from 830-530 'through the night'. For the last two nights, I've had to peform various nursery tunes at 115 & 415am in order to go back to bed.
That should be "Brava!" I note pedantically.

Congratulations on turning another corner. Wonder what the next six months will bring.
Hooray for Julia! And many happy returns of the event to you and Suzanne.
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